BabelNet is an innovative multilingual encyclopedic dictionary, with wide lexicographic and encyclopedic coverage of terms, and a semantic network/ontology which connects concepts and named entities in a very large network of semantic relations, made up of about 23 million entries. Conceived within the Sapienza NLP Group, engineered and maintained by Babelscape, BabelNet follows the WordNet model based on the notion of synset (for synonym set), but extends it to contain multilingual lexicalizations. Each BabelNet synset represents a given meaning and contains all the synonyms which express that meaning in a range of different languages.

BabelNet 5.3 covers 600 languages and is obtained from the automatic integration of:

BabelNet is linked to different resources and applications from the Sapienza NLP group:

BabelNet is provided as a stand-alone resource with its Java and Python APIs, a SPARQL endpoint and a Linked Data interface as part of the Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud (LLOD Cloud) cloud.

10 Years of BabelNet: Roberto Navigli

Workshop on Ten Years of BabelNet and Multilingual Neurosymbolic Natural Language Understanding

Many of the latest technologies exploiting BabelNet are presented in this invited talk at SwissText 2020

eLex 2015 invited talk by Roberto Navigli on BabelNet, Babelfy and Beyond

META prize 2015 awarded to Roberto Navigli and his team for BabelNet

META-NET 2015 prize ceremony in Riga, Latvia

BabelNet is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a 2-day workshop!

Based on an original concept by prof. Roberto Navigli at the Sapienza NLP Group (Sapienza University of Rome), which currently hosts it, it is now engineered and maintained by the Babelscape high-tech NLP company. BabelNet and its API are licensed under the BabelNet Non-Commercial License limited to research institutions.

BabelNet has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's FP7 specific programme 'Ideas' under grant agreement no. 259234 (MultiJEDI ERC StG).

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