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The homepage shows a search bar and provides links to the user area and preferences.

Search results

Once a search has been submitted, if there is more than one result a search result page is shown, which allows the user to view the various meanings (synsets) of the searched lemma and potentially enter each synset entry of interest.


Currently, BabelNet marks synsets with zero, one or more domains, i.e. spheres of activity or knowledge, chosen from the following list:

Symbol Name Description
Art, architecture, and archaeology Art (painting, visual arts, sculpture, etc. except for music, dance, poetry, photography and theatre), architecture (construction, buildings, etc.), archaeology (sites, finds etc.), prehistory.
Biology Biology; animals, plants and their classifications, microorganisms.
Business, industry and finance Business, industry, economy, finance, management, money.
Chemistry and mineralogy Chemistry, compounds, chemicals, minerals, mineralogy.
Communication and telecommunication Communication (oral, written, etc.) and telecommunication (telegraph, telephone, TV, radio, fax, Internet, etc.) means.
Computing Computer science, computing, hardware and software.
Craft, engineering and technology Crafts (handicraft, skilled work, etc.), engineering, technology.
Culture, anthropology and society Concepts affecting local and global culture and society; social behavior, trends, norms and expectations in human society; anthropology.
Education and science Education, teaching, students; science and general scientific concepts (specific concepts go to the various domains: mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, computing, etc.).
Emotions and feelings Feelings, emotions, emotional states and reactions.
Environment and meteorology Natural environment and its preservation; ecology; natural events (fires, rains, typhoons, etc.); meteorology, weather conditions.
Farming, fishing and hunting Farming, agriculture; plant cultivation, livestock raising; fishing; hunting.
Food, drink and taste Food, drinks, flavors, sense of taste; eating places (bars, pubs, restaurants), food events.
Geography, geology and places Geography and geographical concepts (continents, countries, regions, provinces, cities, towns, villages, rivers, hills, mountains, plains, etc.); geology and geological concepts (solid Earth, rocks, geological processes, earthquakes, volcanos, etc.); geophysics; places.
Health and medicine Human health and medicine; diseases, drugs and prescriptions; physical, mental and social well-being.
Heraldry, honors, and vexillology Armory, vexillology, honors, ranks.
History Events of the past occurred after the invention of writing systems (for prehistory, see archaeology).
Language and linguistics Languages, linguistics, idiomatic expressions, phrases.
Law and crime Laws, justice, judges, police, crimes, criminal minds and behaviors.
Literature and theatre Literature, authors, books, novels, poetry, plays, theatre.
Mathematics and statistics Mathematics, statistics, numbers, mathematical operations and functions, mathematical and statistical concepts.
Media and press Mass media such as print media (news media, newspapers, magazines, etc.), publishing, photography, cinema (films, directors, screenwriters, etc.), broadcasting (radio and television), and advertising.
Music, sound and dancing Sound, sounds, hearing; music, songs, music artists, composers; dances, dancing, dancers.
Navigation and aviation Nautical and aviation concepts: vessels and aircrafts; pilots; sea and air traveling.
Numismatics and currencies Currencies and their study.
Philosophy, psychology and behavior Philosophical concepts, philosophers; psychology, psychological concepts; human behavior.
Physics and astronomy Physics, physical measures and phenomena, matter, its motion and energy; astronomical concepts, celestial objects, space, physical universe.
Politics, government and nobility Politics, political leaders and representatives; government; nobility.
Possession Concepts of possession; items which tend to belong to people.
Religion, mysticism and mythology Religions, faiths, beliefs, mysticism, mythological creatures, myths.
Sex Sexual connotation; sexual activities; sexual reproduction; sexology.
Smell and perfume Sense of smell; good and bad smells.
Solid, liquid and gas matter The states of matter (solid, liquid, gas).
Space and touch Concepts of space and the sense of touch; dimensionality, proprioception (sense of position and movement) and haptic perception.
Sport, games and recreation Sports, games and video games, recreation (pastimes, hobbies, etc.)
Tasks, jobs, routine and evaluation Tasks, chores, activities, jobs; evaluation, validation, marking, checking, correcting.
Textile, fashion and clothing Fabric, clothes, clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, fashion, fashion designers.
Time Temporal concepts; time; events.
Transport and travel Transport, modes of transportation, transportation activities; travels, trips, traveling, travelers, tourism.
Vision and visual Visual concepts (visual perception, sight, colors, visibility, except spatial concepts).
Warfare, violence and defense Wars, battles, warfare, physical violence, personal and country defense, secret agencies.

Synset detail

The selection of a given synset entry in the search result page leads to a page which provides all the details of the selected synset.