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Air pollution is the contamination of air due to the presence of substances in the atmosphere that are harmful to the health of humans and other living beings, or cause damage to the climate or to materials. Wikipedia
Presence of dangerous substances in the atmosphere Wikidata
Presence in the atmosphere of large quantities of gases, solids and radiation produced by the burning of natural and artificial fuels, chemical and other industrial processes and nuclear explosions. OmegaWiki
The degree to which air is polluted; the type and maximum concentration of man-produced pollutants that should be permitted in the atmosphere. OmegaWiki
Any pollutant agent or combination of such agents, including any physical, chemical, biological, radioactive substance or matter which is emitted into or otherwise enters the ambient air and can, in high enough concentrations, harm humans, animals, vegetation or material. OmegaWiki
Air pollution reduced the visibility WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
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