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animal  beast  creature  fauna  animate being
A living organism characterized by voluntary movement WordNet 3.0
Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. Wikipedia
Kingdom of multicellular eukaryotic organisms Wikidata
A living organism characterized by voluntary movement. OmegaWiki
The entire animal life of a given region, habitat or geological stratum. OmegaWiki
All of the animal life of any particular region or time. OmegaWiki
Any living organism characterized by voluntary movement, the possession of cells with noncellulose cell walls and specialized sense organs enabling rapid response to stimuli, and the ingestion of complex organic substances such as plants and other animals. OmegaWiki
Any of various processes, either sexual or asexual, by which an animal produces one or more individuals similar to itself. OmegaWiki
Any nonhuman animal, esp. a large, four-footed mammal. OmegaWiki