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Apollo  Phoebus  Phoebus Apollo  Acraephiaeus  Acraephiaeus Apollo
(Greek mythology) Greek god of light; god of prophecy and poetry and music and healing; son of Zeus and Leto; twin brother of Artemis WordNet 3.0
Apollo is one of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and Greek and Roman mythology. Wikipedia
A figure in Greek and Roman mythology, god of sun, medicine, music, poetry, and sciences. Apollo's chief epithet was Phoebus, literally "bright". Wikipedia Disambiguation
One of the Olympian deities in Greek and Roman mythology. The name is often used as a poetic term for the Sun. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Ancient Greek god of light, healing and poetry Wikipedia Disambiguation
Greek and Roman god of music, healing, light, prophecy and enlightenment. Wikipedia Disambiguation
God in Greek and later Roman mythology Wikidata
The son of Zeus and Leto, (or Jupiter and Latona), and the twin brother of Artemis, (or Diana). He was the god of light, music, medicine, and poetry; and prophecy, dance, manly beauty, and more. Wiktionary
The son of Zeus. Wiktionary (translation)
An epithet and synonym for Helios; Phoebus Helios, after his maternal aunt, Phoebe. Wiktionary
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Acraephiaeus, Acraephiaeus Apollo, Acraephius, Acraephius Apollo, Acrephieus, Acrephius, Actiacus, Actiacus Apollo, Aegletes, Aigletes, Apellon, Apellōn, Aphetor Apollo, Aphetorius Apollo, Apolllo, ApollO, Apollo (god), Apollo Acesius, Apollo Acestor, Apollo Actiacus, Apollo Aegletes, Apollo Agyieus, Apollo Apotropaeus, Apollo Archegetes, Apollo Articenens, Apollo Averruncus, Apollo Clarius, Apollo Coelispex, Apollo Culicarius, Apollo Cynthius, Apollo Cynthogenes, Apollo Delius, Apollo Delphinios, Apollo Delphinius, Apollo Didymaeus, Apollo Epicurius, Apollo Galaxius, Apollo Genetor, Apollo Hecebolus, Apollo Helius, Apollo Iatromantis, Apollo Iatrus, Apollo in popular culture, Apollo Ismenius, Apollo Leschenorios, Apollo Leschenorius, Apollo Loxias, Apollo Lycegenes, Apollo Lyceios, Apollo Lycoctonus, Apollo Medicus, Apollo Nomius, Apollo Nymphegetes, Apollo Paean, Apollo Parnopius, Apollo Patroüs, Apollo Phanaeus, Apollo Phoebos, Apollo Phoebus, Apollo Pythius, Apollo Roman God, Apollo Sosianus, Apollon Delphinios, Apotropaeus, Appolyn, Apóllon, Apóllōn, Archigetes, Argyrotoxus Apollo, Birth of Hermes, Culicarius, Cult of Apollo, Cynthius, Cynthogenes, Delian Apollo, Delius Apollo, Delphinios, Delphinius, Didymaeus, Didymeus, Hecaërgus Apollo, Helius Apollo, Loxian Apollo, Loxias, Lukeios, Lycegenes, Lycoctonus, Manticus Apollo, Musagetes, Parnopius, Phanaeus (epithet), Phaneus, Phevos, Phivos, Phoebos Apollo, Phoebus, Phoibos, Phoibos Apollo, Phoibus, Phévos, Phœbus, Pythian Apollo, Shining-one, Shining one, Smintheus, Thyraeus, Απόλλων
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