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vertebral column  backbone  spine  rachis  spinal column
The series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord WordNet 3.0
The vertebral column, also known as the backbone or spine, is part of the axial skeleton. Wikipedia
Commonly known as the backbone or spine, so named for its spinous processes Wikipedia Disambiguation
The body part that consists of a row of vertebrae, that support the head and torso and that forms a canal for nerves. OmegaWiki
Central axis of bird feathers, which carries the barbs, extending the calamus that is implanted into the skin. OmegaWiki
The series of vertebrae, separated by disks, that encloses and protects the spinal cord, and runs down the middle of the back in vertebrate animals. Wiktionary
Series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord. Wiktionary (translation)
The spinal column, or the vertebrae of the spine. Wiktionary
The vertebral column. Wiktionary
The series of bones situated at the back from the head to the pelvis of a person, or from the head to the tail of an animal; backbone, vertebral column. Wiktionary
The series of vertebrae that protect the spinal cord; the spinal column. Wiktionary
Vertebral column. Wiktionary (translation)
The fall broke his back WordNet 3.0