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pope  Vicar of Christ  Bishop of Rome  Holy Father  pontiff
The pope, also known as the supreme pontiff or the Roman pontiff, is the bishop of Rome, chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church, and head of state or sovereign of the Vatican City State. Wikipedia
Vicar of Christ is a term used in different ways and with different theological connotations throughout history. Wikipedia
The head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the State of the Vatican City Wikipedia Disambiguation
(also "vicar of Saint Peter" or vicarius principis apostolorum), a title used primarily by the Roman Catholic pontiff. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Leader of the worldwide Catholic Church Wikidata
The bishop of Rome; the head of the Roman Catholic church. OmegaWiki
The pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Wiktionary
A title of the Pope. Wiktionary (translation)
The title of the Pope of the Catholic Church. Wiktionary
A bishop of the early Church; now specifically, the Pope. Wiktionary
An honorary title of the Roman Catholic bishop of Rome as father and head of his church, a sovereign of the Vatican city state. Wiktionary
Head of the Roman Catholic Church. Wiktionary (translation)
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