Noun Concept
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minor  child  fry  kid  youngster
A young person of either sex WordNet 3.0
In law, a minor is a person under a certain age set as the threshold of a privilege, usually the age of majority, which legally demarcates childhood and adolescence from adulthood. Wikipedia
Person below a certain age prescribed by law, usually distinguished to delineate rights, privileges, and responsibilities Wikidata
A young person. OmegaWiki
A person below the age of puberty. OmegaWiki
A piece or strip of potato that has been (usually deep-fat) fried and is commonly eaten with or as fast food. OmegaWiki
A person who is too young to be considered legally competent according to the laws of a jurisdiction. OmegaWiki
A person who has not yet reached adulthood, whether natural (puberty), cultural (initiation), or legal (majority). Wiktionary
A child (usually), teenager, or young adult; a juvenile. Wiktionary
A person who is below the age of majority, consent, criminal responsibility or other adult responsibilities and accountabilities. Wiktionary
She writes books for children WordNet 3.0
They're just kids WordNet 3.0
`tiddler' is a British term for youngster WordNet 3.0
Go easy on him: he is but a child. Wiktionary
She's a kid. It's normal for her to have imaginary friends. Wiktionary
It is illegal to sell weapons to minors under the age of eighteen. Wiktionary