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Categories: Cooking utensils, Water filters, German inventions, Coffee preparation, Products introduced in 1908
coffee filter  Filter bypass  Filter bypassing  FC-100  Filter cone
Filter (usually of paper) that passes the coffee and retains the coffee grounds WordNet 3.0
Filter (usually of paper) that passes the coffee and retains the coffee grounds WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
A coffee filter is a filter used for various coffee brewing methods including but not limited to drip coffee filtering. Wikipedia
A utensil used to separate coffee grounds from liquid coffee Wikipedia Disambiguation
Coffee-brewing utensil, usually made of disposable paper Wikidata
WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
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"Brasil" coffee filter, "Brasil" Kaffeefilter, 164mm, 190mm, 1x10, 1x2, 1x4, 1x6, 1×10, 1×2, 1×4, 1×6, 203mm, 235mm, 240mm, 244mm, 256mm, 260mm, 290mm, 330mm, 400mm, 440mm, Aluminium coffee filter, Aluminum coffee filter, Basket-shaped coffee filter, Basket-shaped filter, Basket-shaped paper filter, Basket coffee filter, Basket filter, Basket paper filter, Berlin coffee-cone, Berlin coffee cone, Bleached filter, Bleached paper coffee filter, Bleached paper filter, Blotting paper coffee filter, Boat-shaped dripper, Boat-shaped filter, Boat-shaped filter holder, Boat-shaped paper filter, Boat paper filter, Bodum Pour Over, Brasil-Kaffeefilter, Brasil coffee filter, Brasil filter, Brasil Kaffeefilter, Brewing cone (coffee), Brewing filter (coffee), Brigitta 502, Brigitta 502 coffee filter, Brigitta 502 filter, Brigitta 502 paper filter, Bucket-shaped coffee filter, Bucket-shaped filter, Bucket-shaped paper filter, Bucket coffee filter, Bucket filter, Bucket paper filter, Bypass (coffee), Bypassing (coffee), C70 (coffee filter), C70 dripper, Cafec coffee filter, Cafec filter, Cafec paper filter, Ceramic coffee filter, Channeling (coffee), Chemex FC-100, Chemex filter system, Chemex FP-1, Chemex FP-2, Chemex FP-2N, Chemex FS-100, Chemex FSU-100, Circle filter, Circle paper filter, Clogging (coffee), Cloth-filtered coffee, Cloth coffee filter, Cloth drip coffee, Cloth dripper, Cloth filter coffee, Cloth filter pour-over brewing, Coffee-brewing filter, Coffee-cone, Coffee-sock, Coffee brewing cone, Coffee brewing filter, Coffee bypass, Coffee bypassing, Coffee channeling, Coffee clogging, Coffee cone, Coffee filter 0, Coffee filter 1, Coffee filter 100, Coffee filter 101, Coffee filter 102, Coffee filter 103, Coffee filter 104, Coffee filter 105, Coffee filter 106, Coffee filter 112, Coffee filter 123, Coffee filter 164 mm, Coffee filter 164mm, Coffee filter 190 mm, Coffee filter 190mm, Coffee filter 1a, Coffee filter 1x10, Coffee filter 1x2, Coffee filter 1x4, Coffee filter 1x6, Coffee filter 1×10, Coffee filter 1×2, Coffee filter 1×4, Coffee filter 1×6, Coffee filter 2, Coffee filter 203 mm, Coffee filter 203mm, Coffee filter 235 mm, Coffee filter 235mm, Coffee filter 240 mm, Coffee filter 240mm, Coffee filter 244 mm, Coffee filter 244mm, Coffee filter 256 mm, Coffee filter 256mm, Coffee filter 260 mm, Coffee filter 260mm, Coffee filter 290 mm, Coffee filter 290mm, Coffee filter 2b, Coffee filter 330 mm, Coffee filter 330mm, Coffee filter 4, Coffee filter 400 mm, Coffee filter 400mm, Coffee filter 440 mm, Coffee filter 440mm, Coffee filter 502, Coffee filter 6, Coffee filter 60 mm, Coffee filter 60mm, Coffee filter 94 mm, Coffee filter 94mm, Coffee filter bag, Coffee filter basket, Coffee filter bypass, Coffee filter bypassing, Coffee filter clogging, Coffee filter cone, Coffee filter holder, Coffee filter roll, Coffee filter system, Coffee paper filter, Coffee paper filter 0, Coffee paper filter 1, Coffee paper filter 100, Coffee paper filter 101, Coffee paper filter 102, Coffee paper filter 103, Coffee paper filter 104, Coffee paper filter 105, Coffee paper filter 106, Coffee paper filter 112, Coffee paper filter 123, Coffee paper filter 164mm, Coffee paper filter 190mm, Coffee paper filter 1a, Coffee paper filter 1x10, Coffee paper filter 1x2, Coffee paper filter 1x4, Coffee paper filter 1x6, Coffee paper filter 1×10, Coffee paper filter 1×2, Coffee paper filter 1×4, Coffee paper filter 1×6, Coffee paper filter 2, Coffee paper filter 203mm, Coffee paper filter 235mm, Coffee paper filter 240mm, Coffee paper filter 244mm, Coffee paper filter 256mm, Coffee paper filter 260mm, Coffee paper filter 290mm, Coffee paper filter 2b, Coffee paper filter 330mm, Coffee paper filter 4, Coffee paper filter 400mm, Coffee paper filter 440mm, Coffee paper filter 6, Coffee paper filter 60mm, Coffee paper filter 94mm, Coffee paper filter bag, Coffee paper filter basket, Coffee paper filter roll, Coffee sock, Coffee strainer, Coffeesock, Cone-shaped coffee filter, Cone-shaped dripper, Cone-shaped filter, Cone-shaped filter holder, Cone-shaped paper filter, Cone-style coffee dripper, Cone-style coffee maker, Cone-style dripper, Cone-type coffee dripper, Cone-type coffee maker, Cone-type dripper, Cone filter, Cone filter holder, Cone paper filter, Conical coffee dripper, Conical coffee filter, Conical dripper, Conical filter, Conical paper filter, Cotton-filtered coffee, Cotton coffee filter, Cotton filter, Cotton filter coffee, Cà phê kho, Disc-shaped coffee filter, Disk-shaped coffee filter, Disposable coffee filter, Disposable paper coffee filter, Drip coffee maker, Emaille coffee filter, Enamel coffee filter, Fan-shaped dripper, Fan-shaped filter, Fan-shaped filter holder, Fan-shaped paper filter, Fan paper filter, FC-100, Filter 100, Filter 101, Filter 102, Filter 103, Filter 104, Filter 105, Filter 106, Filter 112, Filter 123, Filter 164mm, Filter 190mm, Filter 1a, Filter 1x10, Filter 1x2, Filter 1x4, Filter 1x6, Filter 1×10, Filter 1×2, Filter 1×4, Filter 1×6, Filter 203mm, Filter 235mm, Filter 240mm, Filter 244mm, Filter 256mm, Filter 260mm, Filter 290mm, Filter 2b, Filter 330mm, Filter 400mm, Filter 440mm, Filter 60mm, Filter 94mm, Filter bag size, Filter basket, Filter bypass, Filter bypassing, Filter coffee cone, Filter cone, Filter holder, Filter roll, Filtertuete, Filtertute, Filtertüte, Filtra 602, Filtra 602 coffee filter, Filtra 602 filter, Filtra 602 paper filter, Flannel cloth drip, Flannel cloth drip coffee, Flannel coffee drip, Flannel drip, Flannel drip coffee, Flannel dripper, Flat-bottom coffee dripper, Flat-bottom coffee filter, Flat-bottom dripper, Flat-bottomed coffee filter, FP-1, FP-2, FP-2N, FS-100, FSU-100, Fustian-filtered coffee, Fustian coffee filter, Fustian filter coffee, Hamburg coffee cone, Hamburg coffee filter, Hamburg filter, Hamburg filter cone, Hamburger Spitztrichter, Hario 01, Hario 01 filter, Hario 01 paper filter, Hario 02, Hario 02 filter, Hario 02 paper filter, Hario 03, Hario 03 filter, Hario 03 paper filter, Hario coffee filter, Hario Drip Pot Woodneck, Hario filter, Hario filter system, Hario paper filter, Hario V60, Hario V60-01, Hario V60-01 filter, Hario V60-01 paper filter, Hario V60-02, Hario V60-02 filter, Hario V60-02 paper filter, Hario V60-03, Hario V60-03 filter, Hario V60-03 paper filter, Hario V60 01, Hario V60 01 filter, Hario V60 01 paper filter, Hario V60 02, Hario V60 02 filter, Hario V60 02 paper filter, Hario V60 03, Hario V60 03 filter, Hario V60 03 paper filter, Hario W60, Hario Woodneck, Hemp-filtered coffee, Hemp coffee filter, Hemp filter coffee, Kalita 155, Kalita 185, Kalita coffee filter, Kalita filter, Kalita KWF-155, Kalita KWF-185, Kalita paper filter, Kalita Wave 155, Kalita Wave 185, Kalita Wave coffee filter, Kalita Wave filter, Kalita Wave KWF-155, Kalita Wave KWF-185, Kalita Wave paper filter, KWF-155, KWF-185, Melitta 1, Melitta 100, Melitta 100 coffee filter, Melitta 100 coffee paper filter, Melitta 100 filter, Melitta 100 paper filter, Melitta 101, Melitta 101 coffee filter, Melitta 101 coffee paper filter, Melitta 101 filter, Melitta 101 paper filter, Melitta 102, Melitta 102 coffee filter, Melitta 102 coffee paper filter, Melitta 102 filter, Melitta 102 paper filter, Melitta 103, Melitta 103 coffee filter, Melitta 103 coffee paper filter, Melitta 103 filter, Melitta 103 paper filter, Melitta 104, Melitta 104 coffee filter, Melitta 104 coffee paper filter, Melitta 104 filter, Melitta 104 paper filter, Melitta 105, Melitta 105 coffee filter, Melitta 105 coffee paper filter, Melitta 105 filter, Melitta 105 paper filter, Melitta 106, Melitta 106 coffee filter, Melitta 106 coffee paper filter, Melitta 106 filter, Melitta 106 paper filter, Melitta 112, Melitta 112 coffee filter, Melitta 112 coffee paper filter, Melitta 112 filter, Melitta 112 paper filter, Melitta 123, Melitta 123 coffee filter, Melitta 123 coffee paper filter, Melitta 123 filter, Melitta 123 paper filter, Melitta 164mm, Melitta 164mm coffee filter, Melitta 164mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 164mm filter, Melitta 164mm paper filter, Melitta 190mm, Melitta 190mm coffee filter, Melitta 190mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 190mm filter, Melitta 190mm paper filter, Melitta 1 coffee filter, Melitta 1 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1 filter, Melitta 1 paper filter, Melitta 1a, Melitta 1a coffee filter, Melitta 1a coffee paper filter, Melitta 1a filter, Melitta 1a paper filter, Melitta 1x10, Melitta 1x10 coffee filter, Melitta 1x10 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1x10 filter, Melitta 1x10 paper filter, Melitta 1x2, Melitta 1x2 coffee filter, Melitta 1x2 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1x2 filter, Melitta 1x2 paper filter, Melitta 1x4, Melitta 1x4 coffee filter, Melitta 1x4 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1x4 filter, Melitta 1x4 paper filter, Melitta 1x6, Melitta 1x6 coffee filter, Melitta 1x6 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1x6 filter, Melitta 1x6 paper filter, Melitta 1×10, Melitta 1×10 coffee filter, Melitta 1×10 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1×10 filter, Melitta 1×10 paper filter, Melitta 1×2, Melitta 1×2 coffee filter, Melitta 1×2 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1×2 filter, Melitta 1×2 paper filter, Melitta 1×4, Melitta 1×4 coffee filter, Melitta 1×4 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1×4 filter, Melitta 1×4 paper filter, Melitta 1×6, Melitta 1×6 coffee filter, Melitta 1×6 coffee paper filter, Melitta 1×6 filter, Melitta 1×6 paper filter, Melitta 2, Melitta 2004, Melitta 202, Melitta 202s, Melitta 203, Melitta 203mm, Melitta 203mm coffee filter, Melitta 203mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 203mm filter, Melitta 203mm paper filter, Melitta 206, Melitta 206G, Melitta 220, Melitta 220G, Melitta 235mm, Melitta 235mm coffee filter, Melitta 235mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 235mm filter, Melitta 235mm paper filter, Melitta 240, Melitta 240G, Melitta 240mm, Melitta 240mm coffee filter, Melitta 240mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 240mm filter, Melitta 240mm paper filter, Melitta 244mm, Melitta 244mm coffee filter, Melitta 244mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 244mm filter, Melitta 244mm paper filter, Melitta 250/110, Melitta 250/90, Melitta 256mm, Melitta 256mm coffee filter, Melitta 256mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 256mm filter, Melitta 256mm paper filter, Melitta 260mm, Melitta 260mm coffee filter, Melitta 260mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 260mm filter, Melitta 260mm paper filter, Melitta 270, Melitta 270G, Melitta 290mm, Melitta 290mm coffee filter, Melitta 290mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 290mm filter, Melitta 290mm paper filter, Melitta 2 coffee filter, Melitta 2 coffee paper filter, Melitta 2 filter, Melitta 2 paper filter, Melitta 2b, Melitta 2b coffee filter, Melitta 2b coffee paper filter, Melitta 2b filter, Melitta 2b paper filter, Melitta 330mm, Melitta 330mm coffee filter, Melitta 330mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 330mm filter, Melitta 330mm paper filter, Melitta 400mm, Melitta 400mm coffee filter, Melitta 400mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 400mm filter, Melitta 400mm paper filter, Melitta 401, Melitta 402, Melitta 440mm, Melitta 440mm coffee filter, Melitta 440mm coffee paper filter, Melitta 440mm filter, Melitta 440mm paper filter, Melitta 801, Melitta coffee filter, Melitta coffee filter bag, Melitta coffee paper filter bag, Melitta filter, Melitta filter bag, Melitta filter bag size, Melitta filter system, Melitta Filtertuete, Melitta Filtertute, Melitta Filtertüte, Melitta miniature coffee filter, Melitta paper filter, Melitta paper filter bag, Melitta paper filter bag size, Melitta quick coffee filter, Melitta quick filter, Melitta tea filter, Metal coffee filter, Miniature coffee filter, Nel coffee, Nel drip, Nel drip coffee, Nylon coffee filter, Organic cotton-filtered coffee, Organic cotton coffee filter, Organic cotton filter coffee, Paper-filtered coffee, paper coffee filter, Paper coffee filter system, Paper filter (coffee), Paper filter 0, Paper filter 1, Paper filter 100, Paper filter 101, Paper filter 102, Paper filter 103, Paper filter 104, Paper filter 105, Paper filter 106, Paper filter 112, Paper filter 123, Paper filter 164mm, Paper filter 190mm, Paper filter 1a, Paper filter 1x10, Paper filter 1x2, Paper filter 1x4, Paper filter 1x6, Paper filter 1×10, Paper filter 1×2, Paper filter 1×4, Paper filter 1×6, Paper filter 2, Paper filter 203mm, Paper filter 235mm, Paper filter 240mm, Paper filter 244mm, Paper filter 256mm, Paper filter 260mm, Paper filter 290mm, Paper filter 2b, Paper filter 330mm, Paper filter 4, Paper filter 400mm, Paper filter 440mm, Paper filter 502, Paper filter 6, Paper filter 60mm, Paper filter 94mm, Paper filter bag, Paper filter bag size, Paper filter basket, Paper filter coffee cone, Paper filter cone, Paper filter roll, Permanent coffee filter, Porcelain-filtered coffee, Porcelain coffee filter, Pour-over coffee dripper, Pour-over cone, Pour-over dripper, Pour-through coffee dripper, Prepleated coffee filter, Prepleated filter, Prepleated paper coffee filter, Prepleated paper filter, Pyramid filter, Pyramid paper filter, Quick coffee filter, Quick filter (coffee), Reusable cloth coffee filter, Reusable coffee filter, Ring filter, Ring paper filter, Roll filter, Roll paper filter, Round filter, Round paper filter, SAI C70, SAI coffee filter, SAI filter, SAI paper filter, Saint Anthony C70, Saint Anthony coffee filter, Saint Anthony filter, Saint Anthony Industries C70, Saint Anthony Industries coffee filter, Saint Anthony Industries filter, Saint Anthony Industries paper filter, Saint Anthony paper filter, Sibarist coffee filter, Sibarist filter, Sibarist paper filter, Sock coffee, Stainless steel coffee filter, Steel coffee filter, Tea paper filter, Unbleached filter, Unbleached paper coffee filter, Unbleached paper filter, V60 (coffee), V60 coffee filter, V60 coffee paper filter, V60 paper filter, Wilda'sche coffee filter, Wilda'sche filter, Wrap coffee filter, Wrap filter, Wrap paper filter