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petroleum  crude oil  crude  rock oil  fossil oil
A dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons WordNet 3.0
Petroleum, also known as crude oil, or simply oil, is a naturally occurring yellowish-black liquid mixture of mainly hydrocarbons, and is found in geological formations. Wikipedia
Naturally occurring, flammable hydrocarbon. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Naturally occurring flammable liquid Wikidata
A comparatively volatile liquid bitumen composed principally of hydrocarbon, with traces of sulphur, nitrogen or oxygen compounds; can be removed from the earth in a liquid state. OmegaWiki
Oil which derives from petroleum and is made up of hydrocarbons. OmegaWiki
Crude oil. Wiktionary
Unrefined oil; as it is found underground, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons. Wiktionary
Unrefined oil. Wiktionary (translation)
Petroleum-based liquid used as fuel or lubricant. Wiktionary
Petroleum-based liquid. Wiktionary (translation)
A flammable liquid ranging in color from clear to very dark brown and black, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, occurring naturally in deposits under the Earth's surface. Wiktionary