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A fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head WordNet 3.0
A screw and a bolt are similar types of fastener typically made of metal and characterized by a helical ridge, called a male thread. Wikipedia
Type of fastener characterized by a thread wrapped around a cylinder Wikidata
A shaft with a helical groove or thread formed on its surface. Its main use is as a threaded fastener used to hold objects together. OmegaWiki
A (usually) metal fastener consisting of a shank partially or completely threaded shank, sometimes with a threaded point, and a head used to both hold the top material and to drive the screw either directly into a soft material or into a prepared hole. Wiktionary
A screw designed for a wood or a similar material, with a point, a relatively coarse thread, a thick shank, and, usually, an unthreaded portion of the shank at the head end. Wiktionary
A screw designed for a wood. Wiktionary (translation)