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Afrikaans  Taal  South African Dutch  Afrikaans language  Eastern Cape Afrikaans
An official language of the Republic of South Africa; closely related to Dutch and Flemish WordNet 3.0
Afrikaans is a West Germanic language spoken in South Africa, Namibia and, to a lesser extent, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Wikipedia
West Germanic language, spoken in South Africa and Namibia Wikidata
A West Germanic language spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia. OmegaWiki
A Germanic language descending from Dutch; the primary language of the descendants of Dutch and other European settlers, as well as many mixed-race (e.g. Rehoboth Basters) living in South Africa and in Namibia. Also, one of the eleven official languages of South Africa and until 1990 one of three official languages of Namibia. Wiktionary