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aristocracy  nobility  aristocrat  Aristocratic Hierarchy  Noble Family
A privileged class holding hereditary titles WordNet 3.0
A privileged class holding hereditary titles WordNet 3.0 & WordNet 2020
Nobility is a social class normally ranked immediately below royalty and found in some societies that have a formal aristocracy. Wikipedia
The aristocracy is a social class that a particular society considers its highest order. Wikipedia
Privileged social class Wikidata
Person who either possess hereditary titles granted by a monarch or are related to such people Wikidata
A class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, esp. the hereditary nobility. OmegaWiki
A class of people considered (not normally universally) superior to others. Wiktionary
Class of people considered superior to others. Wiktionary (translation)
One of the aristocracy, nobility, or people of rank in a community; one of a ruling class; a noble (originally in Revolutionary France). Wiktionary
One of the aristocracy. Wiktionary (translation)
A noble or privileged social class, historically accompanied by a hereditary title; aristocracy. Wiktionary
Noble or privileged social class. Wiktionary (translation)