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A bus Wikipedia
Motor bus or motorbus is a now somewhat archaic term referring to a bus powered by an onboard internal combustion engine, as opposed to a horse-drawn bus, steam bus or trolleybus. Wikipedia
A coach is a type of bus built for longer-distance service, in contrast to transit buses that are typically used within a single metropolitan region. Wikipedia
Vehicle designed to carry passengers. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Under the Canadian English usage of the term "coach" Wikipedia Disambiguation
An automotive vehicle for long-distance travel Wikipedia Disambiguation
Archaic term referring to a bus Wikidata
Large road vehicle for transporting people Wikidata
Type of bus for conveying passengers on excursions and on longer-distance intercity coach services Wikidata
A large, long-bodied motor vehicle equipped with seating for passengers, usually operating as part of a scheduled service. OmegaWiki
A bus that is a motor vehicle, as opposed to earlier horse-drawn buses. Wiktionary
A motor vehicle for transporting large numbers of people along roads. Wiktionary
A horse-drawn, and then later, motorized omnibus with open sides, and often, no roof. Wiktionary
A wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power. Wiktionary
Wheeled vehicle drawn by horse power. Wiktionary (translation)
A vehicle (usually a bus, coach or train) or aircraft with two floors. Wiktionary
A small bus or minibus which typically operates service on a fixed route, sometimes scheduled. Wiktionary
A railway coach (usually powered by electric motors) which can pull (or push) trailers (other coaches). Alternatively, the motor coach is placed centrally in an EMU between other coaches, including driving trailers at each end. Wiktionary
A motorised bus, or coach. Wiktionary
A vehicle set up to carry many people (now usually called a bus). Wiktionary
He always rode the bus to work WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet