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A very wealthy or powerful businessman WordNet 3.0
A business magnate, also known as an industrialist or tycoon, is a person who has achieved immense wealth through the creation or ownership of multiple lines of enterprise. Wikipedia
The term magnate, from the late Latin magnas, a great man, itself from Latin magnus, "great", means a man from the higher nobility, a man who belongs to the high office-holders, or a man in a high social position, by birth, wealth or other qualities in Western Christian countries since the medieval period. Wikipedia
Business magnate, an entrepreneur of great influence or importance. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Person in a high social position Wikidata
Entrepreneur who has achieved wealth and prominence from a particular industry Wikidata
occupation Wikidata
A wealthy and powerful business person. OmegaWiki
A person of great power in society, especially in business and politics. Wiktionary
A powerful or majorly influential person. Wiktionary
A powerful or influential person. Wiktionary (translation)
A person of rank, influence or distinction in any sphere. Wiktionary
A rich or powerful person; a magnate. Wiktionary
A rich or powerful person. Wiktionary (translation)
Wealthy, powerful business person. Wiktionary (translation)
Howard Stern styled himself as the "king of all media". Wiktionary
A Silicon Valley tech mogul. Wiktionary
Chairman Yu is a tycoon who owns multiple hotel chains. Wiktionary