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A school for young children; usually the first 6 or 8 grades WordNet 3.0
A school for young children; usually the first 6 or 8 grades WordNet 3.0 & Open English WordNet
A primary school, junior school, elementary school or grade school is a school for primary education of children who are four to eleven years of age. Wikipedia
School providing primary education Wikipedia Disambiguation
A school providing elementary or primary education Wikipedia Disambiguation
Indonesian elementary school Wikidata
An institution in which children receive the first stage of academic learning. OmegaWiki
A school for children, typically older than toddlers and younger than adolescents. In the U.S., elementary schools cover grades 1 through 5, and the ages of the children are usually 6-11 years. At a minimum, elementary schools will teach basic reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. Historically also used in the UK. Wiktionary
An elementary school or primary school. Wiktionary
The first formal, obligatory school. Usually begins with nursery school or first grade and ends at fifth or sixth grade. Wiktionary
First formal, obligatory school. Wiktionary (translation)
The child's mother was tearful as he boarded the bus for his first day of primary school. Wiktionary