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French dressing  vinaigrette  sauce vinaigrette  balsamic vinaigrette  Catalina dressing
French dressing, in consumer-facing American cuisine and store-bought products in the United States, is a creamy dressing that varies in color from pale orange to bright red. Wikipedia
Vinaigrette is made by mixing an oil with a mild acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Wikipedia
Term originally used for an oil and vinegar based salad dressing. Wikipedia Disambiguation
Salad dressing or sauce. Wikipedia Disambiguation
American salad dressing Wikidata
A sauce, made of vinegar, oil, and other ingredients. OmegaWiki
A salad dressing that is a uniform viscous sauce with a tangy sweet flavour. It is generally made from vegetable oil, vinegar, mustard, honey, water, and spices. Wiktionary
Canada: a salad dressing. Wiktionary (translation)
A sauce, made of an acidic liquid such as vinegar or lemon juice; oil; and other ingredients, used as a salad dressing, or as a marinade for cold meats. Wiktionary